Divorce Act & Bill C-78 – Unofficial Consolidation

Now available: an unofficial consolidation of the Divorce Act & Bill C-78. A handy unofficial version of the Divorce Act that incorporates the pending changes in Bill C-78 is now available for free. The consolidation was created by B.C. family law arbitrator and author, John-Paul Boyd and announced on Slaw this week. While commonly referred … Continue reading “Divorce Act & Bill C-78 – Unofficial Consolidation”

The New Divorce Act: the Changes Are Coming…Eventually

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of questions concerning what has been colloquially referred to as the “New Divorce Act”. This act, which is officially known as An Act to amend the Divorce Act, the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act and the Garnishment, Attachment and Pension Diversion Act and to make consequential amendments … Continue reading “The New Divorce Act: the Changes Are Coming…Eventually”