HeinOnline’s COVID-19 Collection

In response to the pandemic, HeinOnline created “COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present”, a database containing publications that concern COVID-19 as well as other pandemics. Along with its subcollections dealing with the economic, global, health care, and societal impacts of COVID-19, HeinOnline recently announced that the new subcollection “Vaccinations” has been added to the database, containing publications on the COVID-19 vaccinations. This new subcollection also features publications that explore the history of vaccinations for other diseases. Some subjects of this subcollection include:

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Committee Proceedings: What’s What and What’s Online

If you have ever researched legislative intent, there is a good chance you needed to sift through and read committee proceedings. Not every bill that is referred to a committee for review undergoes the same level of analysis (and some bills aren’t referred to a committee at all) but for those that are, committee documents can be sources of very useful information. They help researchers gain a better understanding about a bill’s purpose and the reasoning behind amendments made to the bill as it goes through the legislative process.

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New Year, New Leaf: Divorce in January

With the arrival of the first month of each new year, many lawyers report a steep increase in inquiries concerning separation or divorce. For those looking for precedents or general primers on divorce and separation, the Great Library has a wealth of material amongst our family law collection:

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