vLex Irwin Digital Library is Here!

When onsite at the Great Library, Law Society of Ontario licensees, licensing candidates and articling students now have access to the digital Irwin Law Collection (available through vLex). The entire collection of Irwin Law books, including archived editions, is available on this digital library. Visiting the library soon? You can find a link to this digital collection on our eResources page. If you need help logging in, please email refstaff@lso.ca or see a staff member in library for details.

A selection of books from the Irwin Law Collection (print)

Canadiana-ana-ana-ana! Finding pre-1867 materials

The Law Society of Ontario started building their library collection in 1827 [1], so the Great Library is home to various historical and pre-confederation materials. However, you can find even more historical Canadian documents online through a source called Canadiana.

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Striking gold: Locating legislative intent in Ontario’s Committee Hansard and materials

Mining legislative debates for legislative intent information can be a laborious task. However, finding the answer in Committee Hansard feels like striking gold! Read on as we dig deeper into the history and whereabouts of Committee materials in Ontario.

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