Canadian Government Publications Portal on the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has digitized more than 20,000 Canadian Government publications and made them freely available online through the Canadian Government Publications Portal. These 20,000 documents are organized into 70 collections, and feature provincial as well as federal material.

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Living in Limbo – Unconsolidated and Unrepealed Statutes

When searching for laws that have current effect in Ontario, the first place to check is of course eLaws – the Ontario government’s website for official current legislation. But did you know that there are two types of statutes that are not included in the current consolidation?

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The Self-Represented Litigants Resource

The staff at the Great Library have curated a list of resources that offer free or subsidized legal information and services. This resource is meant to guide the public or self-represented litigants to those sources that will help them to make informed decisions concerning their legal situation.

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