“Fondly I love thee, mine own Valentine”: Love Poetry at the Great Library 

As Valentine’s Day has come upon us again, the Great Library’s collection is probably the last place you’d consider for romantic inspiration. Luckily for you, our biggest donor, William Renwick Riddell, collected books from many different genres, including poetry. Scouring through the collection, we found five collections of poetry that were composed on the topic of love.  

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Historical Bar Exam materials

The LSUC Bar Admissions Course materials were discontinued after 2005, but the Great Library collection includes some historical materials. In this post, we cover the history and status of these materials, and suggest some alternatives for your research.

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Royal Influences: The Queen at the Library

This past Monday was Victoria Day, and while this spring long weekend brings to mind images of gardening tools, sprouting plants, and BBQs, it also reminds us of all the little homages to Queen Victoria that reside in Osgoode Hall, including the Great Library.  

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