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New Books – Early Summer 2019

Recent additions to our collection include books covering a range of topics, from smart contracts and blockchain law to the Colten Boushie trial.

New Canadian titles:

Canadian Construction Contracts Guidebook by Smith. KF 902 S65 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • Meant to act as a guide for lawyers, owners, contractors, consultants or any person involved in a construction project in Canada, The Canadian Construction Contracts Guidebook tackles the many issues and challenges associated with the negotiation of a construction contract. This item provides an overview of all the major sections encountered in a typical construction and also applies to different type of contracts such as: fixed price, cost-reimbursable, design-build and construction management. Where applicable, it also includes precedent language which can be used when drafting the construction contract. This item also covers such topics as pricing models, forms and agreements, performance of the work, payment of the work, completion of the work and liability.

Making Parenting Plans in Canada’s Family Justice System: Challenges, Controversies and the Role of Mental Health Professionals by Birnbaum & Bala. KF 547 B58 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • Focused on the major challenges in the field of parenting assessment, Making Parenting Plans in Canada’s Family Justice System: Challenges, Controversies and the Role of Mental Health Professionals acts as a guide for mental health professionals and any party that works with high-conflict separating and/or divorcing parents. This item focuses on relocation, domestic violence, special needs children and children’s participation in family law disputes, four substantive topics which legal and mental health practitioners encounter most often when conducting parenting assessments. With other chapters which speak to domestic violence, family court and the law of expert evidence, Making Parenting Plans in Canada’s Family Justice System works to guide the legal or mental health practitioner in conducting informed, comprehensive and competent parenting assessments.

A Practical Guide to Smart Contracts and Blockchain Law by Grinhaus. KF 1030 .E4 G75 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor. 

  • A Practical Guide to Smart Contracts and Blockchain Law works to provide a comprehensive overview of how such financial technologies as Blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger technology fit into new and existing legal frameworks. While exploring the trends and developments of financial technologies, this item sheds some light on how their associated legal issues will affect and influence such topics as:  securities issues, tax considerations, business structuring, proceeds of crime and anti-money laundering, smart contracts, fundraising and social causes, security issues for cryptographic assets wallets, insolvency law and risk management for lawyers. With other chapters highlighting intellectual property, Canadian insolvency Law and the risks lawyers face when practising in the Blockchain Space, this item works to provide a deeper understanding of the legal landscape any legal professional should expect to face when working with financial technologies.

A Practical Guide to the Charter: Section 11(b) by Gold et al. KF 9223.4 G65 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • This slim but practical guide focuses on how the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2016 decision in R v Jordan changed the way the Charter’s section 11(b) guarantee of trial within a reasonable time is interpreted and applied. The book alerts counsel to key post-Jordan case law and issues, such as defence delay, over and under ceiling cases and use of Jordan at the sentencing stage. It also includes useful appendices of rules, precedent court documents and case charts.

Public-Private Partnerships in Canada: Law, Policy and Value for Money by Murphy. KF 849 M87 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • This text begins by surveying the history and current context for public-private partnerships (P3s) in all Canadian jurisdictions. It then moves on to cover the all relevant aspects of P3s, including procurement, risk allocation financing, dispute resolution and Indigenous P3 projects.

Variations on the Theme of Contract by Fridman. KF 801 F75 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • Professor Fridman’s final work is not your standard contract law text, but rather an engaging collection of essays structured around a musical theme. Its “prelude” and “variations” examine key and complex aspects of contract law, including freedom of contract, consideration, privity, estoppel, misrepresentation, mistake, interpretation, contractual terms, performance, frustration and unjust enrichment. Completed posthumously by Professor Rick Bigwood.

Updated Canadian editions:

The Annotated Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 and Regulations by Taylor. KF 2042 .R4 T39 2019/2020 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Dispositions Without Trial, 3rd ed., by van Kessel and Upenieks. KF 8999 V36 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

The Law of Fraud and the Forensic Investigator, 6th ed., by Debenham. KF 9365 D43 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Oosterhoff on Trusts, 9th ed. KF 730 O57 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

New U.K. and U.S. titles:

Estate Planning for the Muslim Client by Ali & Shaikh. (U.S.) KF 750 A45 2019 / 1st Floor.

Regulation, Compliance and Ethics in Law Firms by Calvert. (U.K.) KF 300 C35 2018 / 1st Floor.

The Right to be Forgotten: Interpretation and Practice by Lambert. (U.K.) KF 1263.C6 L36 2019 / 1st Floor

Circulating books:

Canadian Justice, Indigenous Injustice: The Gerald Stanley and Colten Boushie Case by Roach. HV 6535 .C22 S27 2019 / Circulating Collection, 2nd Floor.

Two Firsts: Bertha Wilson and Claire L’Heureux-Dubé at the Supreme Court of Canada by Backhouse. KF 345 .Z9 A1 B34 2019 / Circulating Collection, 2nd Floor.

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New Books for the New Year

Here’s a selection of new books in our collection – covering current issues from cannabis and liquor laws to expert witnesses and family arbitration:

Cannabis Law by MacFarlane et al. HV 5840 .C36 M34 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor & 1st Floor.

  • This item, which claims to be “the first of its kind”, acts as a guide with which readers can navigate the plethora of uncharted legal issues newly relevant with the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada.

Charter Remedies in Criminal Cases: A Practitioner’s Handbook by Asma & Gourlay. KF 9655 A84 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • The latest title in the Criminal Law Series covers breaches and remedies, as well as issues such as police misconduct and exclusion of evidence, from both defence and Crown perspectives. Includes checklists and ample case references.

Government Lawyering: Duties and Ethical Challenges of Government Lawyers by Sanderson. KF 299 .G6 S25 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • This new text fills a major gap in the literature by explaining and analysing the unique ethical and practice issues facing lawyers working for the Crown.

Impaired Driving and Other Criminal Code Driving Offences: A Practitioner’s Handbook by Jokinen and Keen. KF 2231 J65 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • With the repeal and replacement of all driving provisions of the Criminal Code in 2018, this item acts as a comprehensive handbook that analyzes and contextualizes the new provisions of the legislation replete with case law, strategy, and advice.

Liquor Laws of Canada by Bourgeois. KF 3919 B69 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • This text serves as a comprehensive primer to the laws governing the regulation, manufacturing, distribution, selling and consumption of liquor across Canada while providing constitutional and economic context to Canadian liquor law.

Other recent additions to our Canadian Practice Collection:

The Expert Accountant in Civil Litigation, 2nd ed., by McAuley. KF 8968.15 Z53 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

A Guide to Family Arbitration in Ontario by Grant and Preston. KF 505 .ZB3 G73 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Ontario Residential Real Estate for Practitioners by Wolf. KF 665 W65 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Quasi-Constitutional Laws of Canada by Helis. KF 425 H45 2018 / 1st Floor.

Witness Preparation: A Practical Guide, 4th ed., by Finlay et al. KF 8950 F56 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

 and to our Circulating Collection:

The Class Actions Controversy: The Origins and Development of the Ontario Class Proceedings Act by Chiodo. KF 8896 C45 2018 / Circulating Collection, 2nd Floor.

A History of Law in Canada, Volume One: Beginnings to 1866 by Girard et al. KF 345 G57 2018 / Circulating Collection, 2nd Floor.

Truth and Conviction: Donald Marshall Jr. and the Mi’kmaw Quest for Justice by McMillan. KF 8205 M36 2018 / Circulating Collection, 2nd Floor.


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Recent Arrivals

From drug-impaired driving and racial profiling to competition law and torts – here are some of our new titles and new editions:

Canadian Tort Law, 11th ed., by Linden et al. KF 1250 L562 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • The 11th edition of this leading treatise provides a thoroughly updated analysis of all aspects of tort law, with details of important appellate cases from the last five years.

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Cannabis and the Workplace

With cannabis legalization taking effect on October 17, 2018, Canadian employers face a number of new challenges. Employees’ legal recreational use of marijuana raises issues relating to workplace health and safety, privacy rights, workplace policies and more. Continue reading