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Tips for Finding Ontario Costs Assessment Decisions

We are often asked how to find assessment decisions – both decisions involving the assessment of costs under Rule 58 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure, and decisions involving the assessment of a lawyer’s account under the Solicitors Act, RSO 1990, c. S.15. Continue reading

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New Module of Lexis Practice Advisor available at the Great Library

If you have ever used Lexis Practice Advisor Canada, you know the range of practical information it has to offer: checklists, precedents, sample clauses and flow charts, as well as practice notes and drafting tips contributed by leading Canadian lawyers and law firms. The Great Library’s subscription to Practice Advisor now includes the Litigation & Dispute Resolution module.  Continue reading

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Organize and monitor your online legal research

Legal research can get messy fast. The process of finding and understanding the relevant law is rarely linear. It can also take time, cover many sources, both print and electronic, and produce a large volume of results, from commentary to cases. Having a research plan, documenting your process and keeping your results organized are key. Lexbox is a free Google Chrome extension which presents one option for organizing and monitoring your online legal research. Continue reading