Nature in the City

For more than a century, the trees and grounds of Osgoode Hall have been home to the wildlife of the city, and in particular, birds. The publicly accessible greenspace is a rarity in the concrete jungle that is Toronto’s downtown core, and the grounds and trees offer a much-needed sanctuary to Toronto’s wildlife (and there is plenty of wildlife!). We came across the following post in the blog archives, written by a former staff member who was known as the Great Library’s head bird guy. Enjoy! 🐦🌳

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Cats in Court

Now, there are a lot of stereotypes surrounding librarians, and one you may have heard of is our deep appreciation of (or at least healthy respect for) cats. And while I admit to breaking the mould a little by being one of the very few librarians in Great Library history to not own a cat, I can honestly say that their sassy antics and I-don’t-give-a-care je ne sais quoi give me a deep sense of joy. 

We came across this post in the blog archive, inspired by our shared love of cats. We thought it too good not to recycle. Enjoy!

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Royal Influences: The Queen at the Library

This past Monday was Victoria Day, and while this spring long weekend brings to mind images of gardening tools, sprouting plants, and BBQs, it also reminds us of all the little homages to Queen Victoria that reside in Osgoode Hall, including the Great Library.  

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