“If Jarvis had not shot him, he might have shot Jarvis”: The Duel at Yonge & College

When you systematically go through a large collection such as our rare book collection, occasionally book titles will catch our eye and leave us wanting to know more. One such title that caught our attention was the Jarvis-Ridout Duel. Upon further inspection, it turns out this “book” is actually a collection of pamphlets, three of which deal with the aftermath of a fatal duel.

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What are Nominate Reports?

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog post about bookplates and casually mentioned British nominate reports. Realizing that it is quite an archaic term, some explanation into their significance and their use in the legal world would be beneficial. Referred to as either nominate or nominative reports, these collections of decisions were usually published by individuals.

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Looking Beyond the Book: Bookplates and History

Recently, while cleaning and preparing to store the British nominate reports, we stumbled upon something quite unique. The set of reports, entitled Term Reports in the Court of King’s Bench by Charles Durnford & Edward Hyde East, are quite old and cover cases from the period 1785-1800, but that is not what is unique about them. Upon opening the front cover of the book, you are greeted with a few different marks of ownership, the most prominent being a bookplate. Continue reading “Looking Beyond the Book: Bookplates and History”