House of Bills: An Update of Ontario Bills

The sunny days these past few weeks have been such a boon, and with the Legislature returning from their winter break today, it almost feels like spring is slowly approaching (let’s hope I’m not jinxing it – there is an ice storm predicted for this Wednesday).

In any case, we at the Great Library are gearing up to once again provide our House of Bills updates, reporting on the activity of Ontario public bills as they move through the Legislature. We identify active bills, the date(s) of the activity, as well as the stage(s) that the bills reached. Each update will report on the previous sitting week’s activity and will occur on the following Monday (or the Tuesday, depending on holiday hours).

So, come back next Monday for our first official reporting of the year! And until then, here is an update on committee activity that took place before the legislature reconvened:

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“Fondly I love thee, mine own Valentine”: Love Poetry at the Great Library 

As Valentine’s Day has come upon us again, the Great Library’s collection is probably the last place you’d consider for romantic inspiration. Luckily for you, our biggest donor, William Renwick Riddell, collected books from many different genres, including poetry. Scouring through the collection, we found five collections of poetry that were composed on the topic of love.  

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