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How to Trace the History of a Law Society Rule of Professional Conduct

Every so often, we’re asked to find previous versions of a Law Society of Ontario Rule of Professional Conduct. It’s not as straightforward as doing a legislative history of a section of a statute – not that a legislative history is always straightforward!

Believe it or not, the sources you need to trace the history of most Law Society Rules of Professional Conduct can be found on the web. It’s the path to the answer that can be tricky.

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Looking Beyond the Book: Bookplates and History

Recently, while cleaning and preparing to store the British nominate reports, we stumbled upon something quite unique. The set of reports, entitled Term Reports in the Court of King’s Bench by Charles Durnford & Edward Hyde East, are quite old and cover cases from the period 1785-1800, but that is not what is unique about them. Upon opening the front cover of the book, you are greeted with a few different marks of ownership, the most prominent being a bookplate. Continue reading

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The British Are Leaving!

A form of Brexit is currently taking place in the Great Library’s American Room. British law reports and statutes are leaving. But not to worry – these materials are being cleaned and moved to their new location on the library’s 1st floor. Continue reading

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Know What You’re Looking For

Why is it useful to know the full name of law reports and their jurisdictions? Because you can find cases much more successfully if you look for them in the right places. You won’t find a US, UK, or Australian decision in an electronic resource if it doesn’t include US, UK, or Australian decisions. So it pays to know what you’re looking for. Continue reading