The British Are Leaving!

A form of Brexit is currently taking place in the Great Library’s American Room. British law reports and statutes are leaving. But not to worry – these materials are being cleaned and moved to their new location on the library’s 1st floor.

Many of these volumes of English case law and legislation have been part of the Great Library’s collection for over a century and have been used by generations of Ontario lawyers and law students. The library continues to provide access to these materials in print, but we also offer some great digital alternatives.

Here are a few of the library’s online sources for UK law:

HeinOnline (in-library and remote access)

  • historical sources, including the English Reports (1200’s – 1865), pre-1865 nominative reports not reprinted in the English Reports, Law Journal Reports, and the Statutes of the Realm (1235 – 1713)

ICLR (document delivery only)

  • The Law Reports (1865 – present) and other law report series published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting

Westlaw (in-library access)

  • various current subject law reports, from Commercial Law Cases to Professional Negligence and Liability Reports; also UK legislation

LexisAdvance Quicklaw (in-library access)

  • various UK law reports, including the All England Reports

And don’t forget BaiLII and CommonLII. For more free web sources, see our research guide On The Web: Where to Find UK and Irish Law.