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Cannabis and the Workplace

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With cannabis legalization taking effect on October 17, 2018, Canadian employers face a number of new challenges. Employees’ legal recreational use of marijuana raises issues relating to workplace health and safety, privacy rights, workplace policies and more.

Guidance and commentary on this emerging area of labour and employment law can be found in several recent CPD programs, including:

  • P.A. Neena Gupta “Preparing for Legalized Marijuana in the Workplace: The Difficult Balance between Privacy and Health & Safety” in New and Emerging Privacy Developments You Need to Know. (OBA, 2018) KF 1262 .A75 I577 2018 / 1st Floor.
  • Brian P. MacDonald, “Coming Down the Pipe: Recreational Marijuana and the Workplace” in The Six-Minute Labour Lawyer 2017.  (LSO, 2017) KF 3320 .ZB3 S592 2017 / 1st Floor; also available on AccessCLE (read only).
  • Alan Riddell, “Seeing Through the Smoke…” in 24th East Region Solicitors Conference 2018. (County of Carleton Law Association, 2018) KF 385 .ZB3 C68 2018 / 1st Floor.
  • David Turner and Melissa Ragogna, “Navigating the Potholes of Marijuana at Work” in The Six-Minute Employment Lawyer 2018 (LSO, 2018) KF 3320.ZB3 S594 2018 / 1st Floor; also available on AccessCLE (read only).
  • Reefer Reality: Experts Discuss Burning Questions about Legalized Cannabis (Lancaster House, 2018) Audio conference available for purchase from Lanacaster House.

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