New Books & Recent Arrivals

From drug-impaired driving and racial profiling to competition law and torts – here are some of our new titles and new editions:

Canadian Tort Law, 11th ed., by Linden et al. KF 1250 L562 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • The 11th edition of this leading treatise provides a thoroughly updated analysis of all aspects of tort law, with details of important appellate cases from the last five years.

Competition Enforcement and Litigation in Canada by Di Domenico. KF 1650 .ZA2 D54 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • A comprehensive practice guide to all aspects of competition enforcement and litigation. Includes an excellent section on the legislative history of the Competition Act.

Drug-Impaired Driving in Canada by Baker. KF 2231 B34 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • A handy resource in a developing area of law. Covers drug-impairment testing, experts, Charter issues, sentencing, as well as summaries of relevant cases and federal and provincial legislation.

Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System: A Practitioner’s Handbook by Rudin. KF 8210 .C7 R83 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • A current guide for legal practitioners working with Indigenous clients. Includes chapters on the landmark Supreme Court decisions in Williams, Gladue and Ipeelee; implementation of Gladue principles; evolving use of sentencing circles and a survey of Indigenous Courts in Canada.

Racial Profiling and Human Rights in Canada: The New Legal Landscape edited by Foster et al. KF 4483 .C58 R33 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

  • Various authors examine forms of racial profiling, human rights law developments, and initiatives and strategies for preventing and responding to racial profiling.

Also new in our Practice Collection:

Equipment Financing in Canada by Fleisher & Potter. KF 946 F54 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Prosecuting and Defending Sexual Offence Cases: A Practitioner’s Handbook by Brown & Witkin. KF 9325 B78 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Start-up and Growth Companies in Canada: A Guide to Legal and Business Practice by Tingle. KF 1355 T56 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Tribunal Practice and Procedure by Wileman et al. KF 5417 B55 2018 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

and in our Circulating Collection:

How to be Good: The Struggle Between Law & Ethics by Slayton & Chisholm. KF 306 S53 2017 / Circulating Collection, 2nd Floor.

21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act by Joseph. KF 8205 J67 2018 / Circulating Collection, 2nd Floor.