New Books – Late Winter 2020

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Here’s a selection of recent and noteworthy additions to our shelves:

New titles:

Big Data Law in Canada by Phull. KF 1263 .C66 P48 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Big Data Law in Canada will help anyone involved in data governance gain an understanding of the legal issues affecting data-driven enterprises. The book explores how big data intersects with the Canadian privacy law framework, cybersecurity legal standards, data privacy litigation, commercial electronic messages and the right to erasure. It also covers such areas as data governance, data breaches, digital authentication, trans-border data flows, and artificial intelligence.

Commissions of Inquiry by Goudge & MacIvor. KF 5422 G69 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

This book covers all aspects of commissions of inquiry from their history and evolution in Canada to their governing laws and current role. Written as a resource for legal practitioners and judges as well for government officials and private citizens, it provides guidance on the practical aspects of conducting an inquiry, such as drafting commission terms of reference, rules and orders, appointing commissioners, selecting staff, hearing witnesses and writing the final report. The book also makes extensive reference to significant Canadian inquiries and includes an appendix of narratives of selected public inquiries.

Equine Law and Horse Sense by Fershtman. KF 390.5 .H6 F47 2019 / 1st Floor.

With few current Canadian legal resources available in the area of equine law, this American text helps fill the gap. Equine Law and Horse Sense provides practical insights for individuals, businesses and organizations participating in the horse industry or horse-related activities. It covers equine injuries, litigation and the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of equine-related contracts. With chapters on land use and zoning, managing an equine business, equine-related liabilities and maximizing the value of equine insurance, this title acts as a solid legal primer to all things equestrian.

Flawed Precedent: The St. Catherine’s Case and Aboriginal Title by McNeil. KF 5662 O45 M36 2019 / 1st Floor.

Part of the Landmark Cases in Canadian Law series published by UBC Press, this book examines in detail  the pivotal 19th century Indigenous land rights case of St. Catharine’s Milling and Lumber Company v The Queen. Following a trial completely based on ignorance, racist assumptions and prejudicial attitudes, the various courts’ decisions in this case not only had detrimental effects on Indigenous land title, but also set the precedent for Canadian law and policy surrounding Indigenous rights for the next century. Author Kent McNeil explores the ramifications and provides commentary on the political, historical and ideological contexts that drove the case.

The Law of Objections in Canada: A Handbook by Marseille & McArthur. KF 8935 .ZA2 L39 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

This practical handbook covers the rules for all possible objections that can be made at trial. Litigators, criminal lawyers and judges will appreciate its logical structure, including an easy to use Table of Objections. The book deals with objections respecting the object of proof (fairness at trial, privilege and fundamental rights and freedoms) and objections respecting the means of proof (testimony, documentary and circumstantial evidence). Each chapter includes a summary of the rule, its purpose, scope and exceptions.

The Law of Costs in Personal Injury Actions by Bent & Campos Reales. KF 1257 B46 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

This new text is a valuable addition to the available resources on the law of costs. Dealing specifically with costs in Ontario personal injury litigation, the book covers fixing and assigning costs, solicitor-client and party costs, offers to settle and security for costs. A separate chapter examines costs in particular proceedings, from motions to appeals. 

LGBTQ2+ Law: Practice Issues and Analysis edited by Radbord. KF 4483 .C576 L53 2020 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

LGBTQ2+ Law: Practice Issues and Analysis is one of the few legal resources that offers practical and intersectional guidance on the legal issues experienced by members of the LGBTQ2+ community. This book investigates the many areas of legal practice in which LGBTQ2+ members may encounter challenges related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Some of the topics explored include issues related to human rights and the charter, family law, estate planning issues, immigration law and criminal law and public health. This text also provides guidance to lawyers on such matters as LGBTQ2+ cultural competency and history to ensure that communication with LGBTQ2+ clients is informed, respectful and politically progressive.

More new titles:

Corporate Governance for Directors by Hansell. KF 1423 H35 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Crossing Law’s Border: Canada’s Refugee Resettlement Program by Labman. KF 4483 .I532 L33 2019 / 1st Floor.

The Directors’ Handbook by Nathan & Stuchberry. KF 1423 N38 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Seeking the Court’s Advice: The Politics of the Canadian Reference Power by Puddister. KF 4483 .J8 P85 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Sentencing: Principles and Practice by Robitaille & Winocur. KF 9685 R64 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

The Small Firm Roadmap: A Survival Guide to the Future of Your Law Practice by Aaron Street et al. KF 318 S77 20219/ Circulating.

Updated editions:


Canadian Law of Mining, 2nd ed., by Barton. KF 1819 B377 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Competition and Antitrust Law: Canada and the United States, 5th ed., by Facey & Assaf. KF 1650 .ZA2 F33 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor; also on Lexis Advance Quicklaw in the library.

Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2020 by Payne and Payne. KF 549 P39 2020/ Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

Defending Class Actions in Canada: A Guide for Defendants, 5th ed., by McCarthy Tetrault. KF 8896 D44 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

The Law of Product Warnings and Recalls in Canada, 2nd ed., by Harrison & Colangelo. KF 3945 H37 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

The Law of Search & Seizure in Canada, 11th ed., by Fontana & Keesham. KF 9630 F65 2019 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor.

The Law of Witnesses and Evidence in Canada, 2 vol. loose leaf, by Sankoff (formerly Witnesses by Mewett and Sankoff). KF 8950 S26 / Practice Collection, 2nd Floor; also on ProView in the library.


Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance, 12th ed. KF 1164 C64 2019 / 1st Floor.

Hudson’s Building and Engineering Contracts, 14th ed. KF 902 H82 2020 / 1st Floor.

Snell’s Equity, 34th ed., by McGhee et al. KF 399 S6 2020 / 1st Floor.

Spencer Bower and Handley: Res Judicata, 5th ed. KF 8992 B8 2019 / 1st Floor.