Indigenous Law Portal

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Library of Congress

The Indigenous Law Portal is a free resource for indigenous law researchers worldwide. The site contains a growing collection of primary documents relating to North and Central American Indigenous Peoples, and acts as gateway to the websites of national and international indigenous advocacy organizations.

The Indigenous Law Portal was launched by the Library of Congress in 2014. Last summer it was made publicly available on the LLMC Digital website. LLMC, a non-profit cooperative of libraries dedicated to preserving legal and government documents, has assumed responsibility for the project’s ongoing development.

The Portal is organized by broad region – Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America, as well as a large section of international legal materials. Digital resources for Canada include treaties, settlement agreements, research guides and directories. Links to individual First Nations websites are provided for each province and territory.

This is a valuable and growing research tool that curates and makes historically significant primary documents publicly available. Begin your search here for global and regional documents.