Making a Will: Some Tools

a cemetery in winter, with snow on the surrounding tombstones and trees

While many use the end of year as a time to set goals and resolutions, it can also afford the perfect opportunity to wrap up loose ends. For some this may involve prepping for tax season, and others, reflecting on estate planning matters. Although Make a Will Month has passed, never is a bad time to make sure your will is up to date. Here’s a selection of current will drafting resources available through the Great Library:

  • Lexis Practice Advisor – Wills, Trusts and Estates Ontario (contact with requests)
    • features will drafting checklists, precedent wills and clauses, as well as practice notes contributed by leading estates practitioners
  • O’Brien’s Encyclopedia of Forms – Wills and Trusts (contact with requests)
    • includes sample wills, clauses and brief commentary to provide context for these precedents
  • Law Society CPD papers from recent estates law programs (publicly and freely available on AccessCLE), such as:
  • Estate Planning Precedents: A Solicitor’s Manual by Lindsay Ann Histrop (contact with requests)
    • includes a wide variety of precedents covering all aspects of wills and estates
  • Drafting Wills in Canada: A Lawyer’s Practice Guide, 2nd ed. by Robyn Solnik, Mary-Alice Thompson, Brian Gillingham (contact with requests)
    • guidance and best practices for drafting wills, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents

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