New Year, New Leaf: Divorce in January

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With the arrival of the first month of each new year, many lawyers report a steep increase in inquiries concerning separation or divorce. For those looking for precedents or general primers on divorce and separation, the Great Library has a wealth of material amongst our family law collection:

  • Lexis Practice Advisor – Family Law (Ontario) (contact with requests)
    • features checklists, precedents, and practice notes concerning such topics as child and spousal support, domestic contracts like separation agreements, and divorce proceeding pleadings like affidavits, applications, notices, etc.
  • O’Brien’s Encyclopedia of Forms – Ontario Family Law (contact with requests)
    • includes domestic contracts like mediation and separation agreements (the latter with clause-by-clause breakdowns), pleadings like affidavits, applications, and notices, and more.
  • Domestic Contracts by Hugh G. Stark and Kirstie J. MacLise (contact with requests)
    • contains guidance, best practices, checklists, and precedents concerning such domestic contracts as separation agreements, mediated separation agreements, parenting agreements, child support provisions, and more.
  • Canadian Divorce Law and Practice by James C. MacDonald, Lee K. Ferrier (contact with requests)
    • includes precedent domestic contracts like separation agreements as well as sample pleadings such as memorandums, petitions, applications, etc.

This is but a snipping of the material dealing with divorce and separation that the library possesses in our collection. Need more information about our family law materials? Just ask us!