Earth Hour

A photo of earth from space, the top third lit with sun, with the bottom in darkness

In honour of Earth Hour this Saturday, we thought we’d highlight a few environmental law materials, publicly available online through either AccessCLE or CanLII.

CPD Programs

  • Six-Minute Environmental Lawyer, Law Society of Ontario
    • This CPD series has been running for a little over a decade, with each yearly program digitally available on AccessCLE. Access these programs by clicking the “Environmental” category under the “Browse Collections” function.

      Some articles from the 2021 program include:
    • “A Purchaser’s Playbook: Environmental Legal Due Diligence” (Smeijers, Gatlin)
    • “Climate Change Charter Litigation Update” (Safayeni, Justin)
    • “Environmental Management Policies and Programs” (Vince, Joanna & Wortsman, Lauren)

CanLII Commentary

CanLII also retains a collection of secondary material like reports, research papers, articles, etc. on the topic of environment law. Some recent examples include:

For a full list of environmental law commentary available on CanLII, click here.