House of Bills: An Update of Ontario Bills

Queens Park Ontario Legislature building

Since our last House of Bills update (when the Lieutenant Governor dissolved the 2nd Session of the 42nd Parliament), the Legislature was scheduled to return on September 12. However, the Legislature has convened early, thus commencing the 1st Session of the 43rd Parliament as of yesterday, Aug 8. This also marks the return of our weekly House of Bills updates! For details on our House of Bills blog series, read on:

We report on the activity of public Ontario bills as they move through the Legislature. We identify those bills that were active, the date(s) of the activity, as well as the stage(s) that the bills reached. Each update will report on the previous sitting week’s activity and will occur on the following Monday (or Tuesday, depending on holiday hours).

So, come back next week for our first report on the 43rd Parliament of the Ontario Legislature, which will cover activity from August 8-11 (2022 Parliamentary Calendar).