House of Bills: An Update of Ontario Bills

Queens Park Ontario Legislature building

We have gathered an update on bill activity for August 17 & 18, the only two days that the Legislature met last week.

Bill 2, Plan to Build Act (Budget Measures), 2022

Second Reading (August 17 & 18)

Bill 3, Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022

Second Reading, moved closure (August 17)
Second Reading, closure carried on division (August 18)
Second Reading, carried on division (August 18)
Ordered referred to Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy (August 18)

Bill 7, More Beds, Better Care Act, 2022

First Reading (August 18)

Bill 8, Anti-Money Laundering in Housing Act, 2022

First Reading (August 18)

Bill 9, Safe and Healthy Communities Act (Addressing Gun Violence), 2022

First Reading (August 18)

Come back next Monday for a recap of bill activity for sitting week August 22-25.