Great Library Returns to Virtual Only

The Law Society is following the guidance of Ontario and is returning to a Step 2 operation. That means that, as of tomorrow, Wednesday, January 5, the Great Library will no longer be open to walk-in traffic from licensees or the public. We encourage you to continue to email and phone your questions during our operating hours: Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm.

You can still order document delivery from wherever you practice and we will attempt to fill your requests from our electronic and print collections. We will have a skeleton staff in the library to maintain the collection and fulfill print collection orders.

Keep an eye on this blog or our Twitter account for information about when we will reopen. As with our reopening in November, we will reopen when the Law Society reopens.

We appreciate your patience with this shift in service and hope that it will not last too long.

Great Library Reopening

NOTE: We have returned to virtual only service as of January 5, 2022.

The Great Library will reopen on Monday, November 1. We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to the library space. While we’ve all had to navigate new challenges with virtual research and digital delivery, we know that many of you like to do your own research.

The library will re-open to the public and to Law Society licensees. For the most part, we’ll be returning to operations as they were before the pandemic. However, we have some pandemic-related changes to our operations:

  • You will only be able to access the Great Library by entering through the Law Society of Ontario entrance on the east side of Osgoode Hall. There will be no entry from the courthouse.
  • Visitors to the Great Library will need to check in and out and follow Law Society of Ontario requirements for vaccinations and contact tracing. This includes wearing a mask at all times in the Great Library.
  • We will only be able to accommodate 19 researchers at a time so be aware that, if we are at capacity, you may need to wait to enter. The designated seating will ensure social distancing.
  • Our conference rooms will not be available for use.

We are also making some permanent service changes. These include:

  • the library will no longer have evening and weekend hours. We will be open Monday to Friday, 9 to 5pm. Please plan your visit accordingly as we will ask all researchers to leave the library at 5pm.
  • please bring a debit or credit card if you will need to purchase photocopies. We will no longer be accepting cash.

I appreciate everyone’s patience over the past 18+ months. I know some of you have been champing at the bit to have access to our extensive print collection and to do your research directly. We’re looking forward to continuing to support you.

A Shift to Infolocate

We are changing the resources available to search our collections. We have offered Infolocate as a search option for a number of years. As of today, it is becoming our single search tool.

If you have been searching on Advocat, the Great Library’s catalogue, you will find the same collection information on Infolocate. In fact, if you have been searching from our web site under Everything, you have already been using Infolocate.

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