HeinOnline’s COVID-19 Collection

In response to the pandemic, HeinOnline created “COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present”, a database containing publications that concern COVID-19 as well as other pandemics. Along with its subcollections dealing with the economic, global, health care, and societal impacts of COVID-19, HeinOnline recently announced that the new subcollection “Vaccinations” has been added to the database, containing publications on the COVID-19 vaccinations. This new subcollection also features publications that explore the history of vaccinations for other diseases. Some subjects of this subcollection include:

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New Year, New Leaf: Divorce in January

With the arrival of the first month of each new year, many lawyers report a steep increase in inquiries concerning separation or divorce. For those looking for precedents or general primers on divorce and separation, the Great Library has a wealth of material amongst our family law collection:

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Clawbies 2021

Over the break, we learned that the Great Library’s Know How blog won a Clawbie for the year 2021 in the “Best Blogs” category. We feel incredibly honoured to be recognized in this way, and want to convey our deepest thanks to those who nominated us. Congratulations to all the other winners! We also wanted to thank our readers for their patronage. We hope to continue to produce content that is valuable, informative, and fun (where possible 😉) !

Happy New Year everyone!