Family Legal Services Provider

On December 1, Law Society of Ontario Convocation approved a report proposing a Family Legal Services Provider Licence(FLSP). The version of the licence approved by Convocation is set out in the December 2022 Treasurer’s Report. This licence enables paralegals to administer limited family law legal services.

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Access to Justice Week: Self-Represented Litigants Resource

Just in time for Access to Justice Week, copies of our Self-Represented Litigants Resource are now available in print at the library. There are three editions available: General Resources, Family Law Resources, and Housing Law Resources. Come by the library to pick up a free physical copy!

Ready For Regulations, Part II: Tools for Tracing  

In this series’ first post, we went over how to update regulations online beyond the e-Laws and Justice Laws currency date. This week, we’ll be reviewing some tools and tips to help you find and trace back regulations. 

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