Witches in the Great Library!

While we are unaware of whether actual witches ever frequented the Great Library (or still do), we do have several books in our collection that cover the topic of witchcraft. All these books are thanks to one man, William Renwick Riddell. In honour of All Hallows’ Eve, we thought we’d take a look at these items. 

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Legal Examinations in the 19th Century

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of professional life for those in the legal world, especially licensing candidates who planned to take their licensing examinations this year. The Law Society of Ontario announced early in the pandemic that in-person examinations would be cancelled. They have moved forward with a plan for online examinations, which are ongoing until the end of December.

In light of the many recent changes to licensing exams, we decided to have a look to see how prospective lawyers were examined in the 19th century and how it compares to what licensing candidates need to know now in order to pass the bar.

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