Annual Statutes: What Gives?

In a previous post on Myths of Legislative Research, we mention that before the existence of e-Laws, Justice Laws, and online consolidations, legislation was not consolidated each year but rather every decade or so with revisions produced by the respective government (Revised Statutes of Canada, Revised Statutes of Ontario, etc.). So, if statutes were not being consolidated annually, what do we mean when we refer to “annual statutes”, and what comprises these annual volumes? Here’s a refresher. 

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Why Annotated Acts?

Why are annotated acts such useful research tools? After all, you can note up any section of any statute from all Canadian jurisdictions using Lexis Advance and WestlawNext Canada. Annotated acts, however, offer more. They are a convenient package of value-added information compiled by a subject expert.  Continue reading “Why Annotated Acts?”