Family Legal Services Provider

On December 1, Law Society of Ontario Convocation approved a report proposing a Family Legal Services Provider Licence(FLSP). The version of the licence approved by Convocation is set out in the December 2022 Treasurer’s Report. This licence enables paralegals to administer limited family law legal services.

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Family Legal Services and Paralegals: An Update

The Law Society of Ontario’s highly anticipated “Report on Family Legal Services Provider Licence” was released on January 21, 2022. The FLSP licence would allow specially trained paralegals to provide a limited scope of services in family law matters such as drafting legal documents and providing representation in court or adjudicative body.

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Bill C-75 and Summary Conviction Matters

Numerous amendments to the Criminal Code contained in Bill C-75 (SC 2019, c 25) come into force today – September 19, 2019, including a provision that will increase the default maximum penalty for summary conviction offences from six months imprisonment to two years less a day.

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