Organize and monitor your online legal research

Legal research can get messy fast. The process of finding and understanding the relevant law is rarely linear. It can also take time, cover many sources, both print and electronic, and produce a large volume of results, from commentary to cases. Having a research plan, documenting your process and keeping your results organized are key. Lexbox is a free Google Chrome extension which presents one option for organizing and monitoring your online legal research.

Lexbox creates a central workspace for assembling research information from a number of supported free legal information websites, including eLaws and Justice Laws.  It can serve as a current awareness tool allowing you to set up alerts for relevant content when new information becomes available. You can set up alerts that will notify you when a new document matching your search criteria is posted, when a new decision citing one that you saved in Lexbox becomes available, or when a specific statute gets cited by a new case. You can choose to receive alerts at your preferred frequency, by email or directly in your Lexbox workspace. Lexbox also helps you keep track of your research history and share document folders with colleagues.

Lexbox is a convenient addition to your legal research toolbox. Lexbox is designed and developed by Lexum. Lexum was recently acquired by CanLII.