HeinOnline Research Tip: Use “More Like This”

Library catalog drawers

HeinOnline has added several search enhancement tools over the past year, including “More Like This”, a feature that helps you find similar articles to the current article you are viewing.  

The HeinOnline toolbar you will see when you log into HeinOnline.

Here’s an example of how “More Like This” can help you find additional relevant documents:

1. Run a keyword search in the Law Journal Library.

For example, I am searching for articles on the issue of product liability in the cannabis industry. Let’s use “cannabis product liability” as our search term.

2. View a resulting article that looks particularly relevant.

Let’s try “Budding Torts: Forecasting Emerging Tort Liability in the Cannabis Industry”, Loyola Consumer Law Review, Vol. 30, Issue 3 (2018), pp. 338-392.

3. Click on the “More Like This” button found at the top of the screen when you’ve opened a document. This will generate a new list of articles topically similar to the original document. 

The algorithm behind this feature finds “interesting” or significant keywords in your article.

The algorithm then compares all articles in HeinOnline and ranks them in order based on which articles’ keywords are most similar to those identified in the original article.

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