House of Bills: An Update of Ontario Bills

A picture of the front of the Ontario Legislature building

After their winter break, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario is officially back in session as of February 16, 2021. We thought we would provide a recap of the bills that passed through the Legislature in their first week back (Feb 16-18).

Bill 238, Workplace Safety and Insurance Amendment Act, 2021

Legend showing 5 bars, one each for First Reading, Second Reading, Committee, Third Reading, and Royal Assent

Second Reading (February 16 & 18)

Bill 243, Trespass to Property Amendment Act (Protecting Consumers from Package Piracy), 2021

Second Reading, carried (February 17)
Ordered referred to Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills (February 17)

Bill 244, No COVID-19 Evictions Act, 2021

First Reading (February 16)
Second Reading, lost on division (February 16 & 17)

Bill 245, Accelerating Access to Justice Act, 2021

First Reading (February 16)

Bill 246, Safer School Buses Act, 2021

First Reading (February 16)

Bill 247, Paid Personal Emergency Leave Now Act, 2021

First Reading (February 17)

Bill 248, COVID-19 Public Inquiry Act, 2021

First Reading (February 17)

Bill 249, We’re All in This Together Act (Cutting MPP Salaries to CERB Equivalent), 2021

First Reading (February 17)

Bill 250, Recovery Month Act, 2021

First Reading (February 18)