Finding Statutes on HeinOnline

While many know that HeinOnline is a great resource for secondary source material like journal articles, it’s important to remember that it is also a great resource for digitized copies of federal and provincial statutes. Another important thing to remember: all Law Society of Ontario licensees enjoy digital remote access to HeinOnline through the Great Library.

There are a few avenues to take when locating statutes on HeinOnline, but the pathway we find easiest is through the category “Canadian Content” within “Browse Databases by Category” near the top of HeinOnline’s homepage:

Once expanded, the subcategories “Acts of the Parliament of Canada (Annual Statutes)”, “Provincial Statutes of Canada”, and “Revised Statutes of Canada” will navigate users to digitized copies of the annuals and Revisions of the statutes of Canada as well as all 13 provinces and territories. The digitized statutes available on HeinOnline go as far back as Confederation, and in some jurisdictions, even further.  

An example: to access the annual statutes of Ontario, after clicking through “Canadian Content -> Provincial Statutes of Canada -> Ontario”, look to the category “Statutes of Ontario” at the top of the page. This will bring you to a webpage comprised of a series of drop-down menus by which the Ontario annual statutes of any given year can be accessed, previewed, and downloaded.

For more tips and tracks on how to use HeinOnline, check out their blog! They have many helpful posts, like “Tip of the Week: How to Search in HeinOnline“, that offer primers on how to use and search their database.

Covid update: Are you a Law Society of Ontario licensing candidate? HeinOnline has offered free remote access to LSO licensing candidates while the Great Library remains closed to in-person users due to Covid-19.

If you are a licensing candidate or a licensee of the LSO and have not yet obtained your HeinOnline login credentials, email us at