Why Annotated Acts?

Why are annotated acts such useful research tools? After all, you can note up any section of any statute from all Canadian jurisdictions using Lexis Advance and WestlawNext Canada. Annotated acts, however, offer more. They are a convenient package of value-added information compiled by a subject expert.  Continue reading “Why Annotated Acts?”

A New Year’s Resolution for Legislative Researchers – Never Assume

When conducting legislative research, it is best not to assume anything. One often-made assumption is that an Act passed by a legislative body during a specific year comes into force during that same year. In reality, many statutes come into force on a date other than the date on which they receive Royal Assent.

Continue reading “A New Year’s Resolution for Legislative Researchers – Never Assume”

Finding Old Regulations: Part I – Ontario

We are spoiled today. Finding Ontario regulations is much easier than it used to be. For an up-to-date version of a regulation, we have the e-Laws website. To see the text of a regulation as it was when first enacted, there is the “Regulations as Filed” option under the “Source Law” bullet on e-Laws, or the PDF version of the Ontario Gazette. Of course, there is always a catch.  Continue reading “Finding Old Regulations: Part I – Ontario”