Doors Open: 20 Great Library Facts

It’s that time of year again! As the crabapple blossoms begin to open, Osgoode Hall prepares to welcome the public to another Doors Open Toronto on May 25 & 26. This year’s theme is 20 Something to celebrate the 20 years that the Toronto community has opened its numerous doors to the public.

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When One Door Closes, Another Opens

Being as old as it is, it is no surprise that the Great Library at Osgoode Hall harbours many secrets. As we usher in spring (if it ever comes) with our guided library tours and with the City of Toronto event Doors Open, we hope to prepare all those who venture into the Library for the many mysteries they may encounter—and to open some doors of our own.

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Doors Open Toronto 2018

Join us at Osgoode Hall and the Great Library during the 2017 Doors Open Toronto.

Join us at Osgoode Hall and the Great Library during the 2018 Doors Open Toronto. The event is an annual city-wide program that gives visitors access to architecturally or culturally significant buildings around Toronto. Each year, Law Society staff members and others volunteer greet visitors and share information about the historic building.

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