We say “statute”, et nous disons «loi» aussi!

Both Ontario and Canada recognize English and French as our two official languages. As a result, our laws must be written in both languages. Read on to learn more about bilingual Federal and Ontario legislation.

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Revisions and Consolidations: There’s a Difference?

In our last post we explained how to manually craft point-in-time consolidations and highlighted one of the main tools we use: Revised Statutes.

Consolidated legislation can be crafted by the consolidator using the ‘cut and paste’ method  and it is also what you see on government web sites such as e-Laws and Justice Laws. A consolidation of a statute refers to the updating of a statute to discern what that statute or provision looked like at a point-in-time.

Now, what’s the difference between a consolidation and a revision? In this blog post we will highlight what statute revisions are by answering the questions below. But first!  A little history.

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