Don’t You (Forget About Me): HeinOnline

We’re always mentioning HeinOnline on KnowHow, and for good reason – it’s a great resource! We thought we would take the time to highlight a few of the many collections available on HeinOnline, as well as some of our favourite uses of the database.

Perhaps most famous for its collection of journalsandperiodicals, it comes as no surprise that HeinOnline is home to some notable scholarly content! Some Canadian examples include:

  • Canadian Bar Review
  • Advocates’ Quarterly
  • McGill Law Journal
  • Osgoode Hall Law Journal
  • Criminal Law Quarterly
  • Ottawa Law Review
  • University of Toronto Law Journal

Also included are some notable reports like:

  • U.S. Supreme Court Reports
  • Canada Supreme Court Reports
  • English Reports

Looking to see if a certain serial or document is on HeinOnline? There are a couple options:

  1. InfoLocate

Our HeinOnline holdings have been integrated into our catalogue, InfoLocate. Use the “Everything” tab to search for the title of the source you’re seeking. Here is our holding for the McGill Law Journal as an example:

  1. Law Journal Library

You can also quit the middleman and go straight to HeinOnline. We find using the Law Journal Library function (found under the “All Databases” tab at the top left of the home page) or the “Search the Catalog” function under the Advanced Search the easiest methods to search for titles. For a primer on how to use the Search the Catalog function, look to this blog post here.

Fame aside, we at the great library love using HeinOnline to retrieve Canadian legislation, and use the database to download statutes of federal and provincial jurisdictions. If in need of some tips on how to go about retrieving legislation on HeinOnline, look to this blog post here.

For more tips and tricks on how to use HeinOnline, like the “More Like This” function, be sure to visit our blog! HeinOnline also produces their own blog, filled with guidance on how to use their database along with notes on features and collections. Be sure to also check our their user guides, found on HeinOnline’s Knowledge Base.

All LSO licensees enjoy free remote access to HeinOnline. Email for access!