Golden Stars of 2022

golden fireworks exploding in the night sky

Happy New Year, and welcome back! As we gear up for the year, prep for new posts, and try to remember to type “2023” instead of “2022” before we herald in 2024, we reflect on some of our posts that received a particular bit of attention last year:

  1. Making a Will: Some Tools
  2. Canadiana-ana-ana-ana! Finding Pre-1867 Materials
  3. Legal Research Survival Guide, Part 6 —Help with Hansard
  4. LSO CPD Programs on AccessCLE
  5. Square or Round?
  6. Tips for Finding Ontario Costs Assessment Decisions
  7. Editorial changes in Revised Statutes
  8. Ontario Scrapbook Hansard, 1867-1946 – It’s Online!
  9. Legal Research Survival Guide, Part 4 – Following the Breadcrumbs: Source Notes and How to Use Them
  10. Historical Bar Exam materials

It’s nice to see a mix of new and old in our 2022 top ten. We hope to produce some more winners in 2023!