Ontario Hansard Then and Now

Here’s a handy chronology for finding past and present Ontario Legislative Debates:

1841 – 1953:

Newspaper Hansard, also called Scrapbook Hansard, is a collection of newspaper articles actually clipped from various newspapers whose reporters reported on the goings-on in the Legislature from1841 to 1953. The Scrapbook Hansard has been microfilmed, and the Great Library has the microfilm reels plus a microfilm reader/printer.

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Don’t Assume [Part 1]

When conducting legal research, it’s best not to assume. Anything. Go and find out the correct answer. One often heard assumption is that an Act passed in a specific year came into force in that same year. Not necessarily! Ontario Acts can come into force in several different ways:

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Finding Old Regulations: Part II – Federal

To paraphrase what we said in an earlier post, Finding Old Regulations: Part I – Ontario, finding regulations is much easier now than it used to be. Visiting the Justice Laws website, you can locate official versions of consolidated federal regulations, both current and previous versions (back to March 22, 2006).  Continue reading “Finding Old Regulations: Part II – Federal”